The Open System

What is an Open System contest?

The "Open System" stands as a widely acknowledged and effective method for evaluating models in competitive settings on a global scale. Advocated by the late and esteemed Shep Paine, this approach assesses model standards based on their inherent qualities, without direct comparison to other entries. Consequently, each model is independently evaluated, eliminating the practice of comparing and judging it against other showcased models. In this system, the allocation of awards is not restricted to specific individuals, and categories are streamlined to a minimum.

A modeller's showcase

The goal of this contest is to promote miniature modelling. Each modeler is given a designated area to display his models in a particular category. Each designated display is the modeler's gallery, his personal showcase, which the organizers encourage the modeler to curate. The modeler is free to add whatever decorations he wants if he doesn't take up space designated for others.

Three large models* or five smaller scale models are the maximum allowed in each area. There are no scale restrictions on how to display if the category permits. If the modeller is interested to display additional models but not in contest, he/she can register in the category Exhibition.

The modeller can also include relevant material that complements their display/s, like stands, artefacts, literature etc. but keeping in mind the limited space available and that these objects do not intrude the space and view of the adjacent gallery.

* Only one single large-scale model (exceeding 50cm x 50cm) or super diorama is allowed per exhibition for each of the categories. Kindly inform the organizers when registering.