Judging Criteria
Judging Criteria

These are not rules; they are a set of artistic criteria, by which judges can evaluate models uniformly and fairly. The key element in fair judging is that the judges work to the same set of criteria in assessing the entries. That said, the criteria presented here offer few absolutes. Qualifiers like "sometimes", "often" and "can be" are frequent. This is both appropriate and inevitable.

Judging is ultimately a matter of personal opinion, and while that opinion can be guided, it cannot be dictated. In the final analysis, these criteria should therefore be viewed more as guidelines than a checklist.

MINJATURA proposes the following six criteria, not necessarily listed in order of importance or consideration.

  • Degree of difficulty
  • Creativity
  • Workmanship
  • Painting skill and finish
  • Historical and/or artistic interpretation
  • Presentation and overall effect
Read carefully
Please note

Modelers are encouraged to display multiple models in each category they enter. This gives the Open System more flexibility to choose a model or an entire display based on which judges will be able to bestow the highest honor.

In certain categories there are no constraints on scale, thus the modeler is allowed to mix or maintain a thematic configuration or scale in each display.

When displaying larger than normal models, please remember that space is limited, so it is best to consult the organizers.

Models are recommended to be exhibited on a base both for display purposes and as a form of protection in case ushers or judges need to move them.

Presentation is very important. The base with or without groundwork or any other form of relevant presentation is considered as part of the model and taken into consideration.

Judges are permitted to move models from one category to another if they believe doing so will increase the modeler's chances of winning a better medal. Usually, this progresses upward rather than backward for instance, from Beginner to Standard.

Modelers are free to collaborate and present their combined work without restriction from the organizers as long as they are unified and include everyone's names when registering. Despite this, they will only be given one award in unison.

Any losses or damages incurred during the event are not the responsibility of the organizers.

The judges have the right to decide that a section has not reached Gold standard but still give the credited awards that follow.

The organizers reserve the right to prevent participating modellers from displaying work that is vulgar, pornographic or otherwise offensive that disrespects human and animal rights or local laws.

The organizers reserve the right to disqualify modelers who compete with models that are not their own and are not listed under their proper maker’s name.